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Acupuncture, Infertility and Fertility

How can Acupuncture help with infertility and fertility issues in general?

In China, infertility has been treated for thousands of years through a combination of therapies that addressed the whole person rather than their reproductive system in isolation. This "wholistic" view meant that physical, mental and emotional elements of a person's profile needed to be addressed to achieve maximum results.

Acupuncture, Infertility and FertilityIn today's modern world, Western sciences are identifying more and more useful ways to integrate these Eastern practices to increase the potential for successful conception in infertile women. One of the most important findings within the past 20 years was the Swedish study that proved uterine blood flow could be positively changed in 100% of the study participants who received 8 acupuncture treatments! (Human Reproduction, Vol.11, No.6, 1996). As acupuncture has been added to treatment plans by reproductive specialists here in the west, other benefits are gaining recognition as well. These include a reduction in the stress responses of the body, decreased anxiety with better sleep patterns, less irritability and emotional swings, changes in FSH and hormonal imbalances, more energy and an overall feeling of well-being. This demonstrates that the strong body-mind connection in Chinese medicine can create both emotional and physical changes as the body reaches a better state of balance.

Many thousands of people today choose acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine's "mind-body" approach as an adjunctive therapy to their medical treatments for infertility. It is a gentle, painless therapy which not only has positive effects on blood flow, hormone regulation and other physical imbalances, but also positively affects the emotional elements so often apparent on the path to pregnancy.

Sherri individualizes treatment to each person's need, addressing both physical and emotional components which may be interfering with conception. She is known by her patients for her gentle approach, empathetic manner and the positive, supportive education she provides along the way.

At age 36 I was diagnosed with high FSH and a 0-5% chance of getting pregnant with my own eggs. I began acupuncture and herbs and diet as prescribed by Julie. Since beginning my treatments, I have conceived naturally 4 times, with only one miscarriage and I have two beautiful, healthy children with another on the way. I continued acupuncture during all my pregnancies and found it to be very helpful. Acupuncture re-established a balance in my body that helped me overcome the terrible odds I had been given and allowed me to become pregnant. I wholeheartedly recommend Julie's approach through Chinese Medicine for anyone struggling with infertility. ~ TR

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The Mind-Body Fertility Connection

Sherri works closely with James Schwartz, author of  the book entitled The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, which is currently available in all major bookstores. See below or Click here for more information on this helpful book which explores a comprehensive approach to infertility by addressing stress management and using acupuncture, herbs, diet, exercise, massage and other modalities to help with conception.

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The Mind-Body Fertility Connection
By James Schwartz

The Mind-Body Fertility Connection

Now there is new hope for the millions of women worldwide who have had difficulty trying to conceive. The Mind/Body Fertility Connection explores the feelings, emotions and beliefs that may be blocking conception, and it provides the necessary tools to create a successful pregnancy.

By bringing together the latest scientific data and innovative mind/body techniques, this book unveils a new pathway to conception: a pathway of healing through the emotions which allows women to unblock the potential for childbearing.

This book dissects the feelings, beliefs and old emotional injuries which often create subconscious obstacles that can disrupt an otherwise healthy functioning reproductive system. It delves into an unexplored realm that not only exposes the hidden barriers which can cause infertility but also reveals the secrets that can lead to a successful pregnancy.

The Mind/Body Fertility Connection helps women experience their fertility as a journey of empowerment and presents a fresh new perspective on how to create conception.


  • Guided exercises for meditation, energy work and visualization
  • A step-by-step action plan including a timeline and recommended therapies
  • Resources for acupuncture, hypnosis, meditation, Maya abdominal massage and other alternative healing methods
  • A holistic approach that addresses mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health
  • Techniques to enhance IUI and IVF procedure

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